'the times they are a changin' by seba

It’s summer, technically. August just finished and the weather was supposed to reflect that with warmth and sunshine and time spent at the beach, eating ice cream. Or maybe, if you live in the UK like I do, you may find another version of summer – grey and wet and cold. Luckily Brighton had a bit of both and not just the latter. But I wanted to see what others see when they hear the word “summer”, which is why I made this the theme for August.

summer [ˈsʌmə]

  1. the season between spring and autumn, in the Northern Hemisphere from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox, and in the Southern Hemisphere from the winter solstice to the vernal equinox
  2. a period of hot, usually sunny weather
  3. the period of finest development, perfection, or beauty previous to any decline

This is what summer looked like this month for the collaborators of this project.

‘blue’ by lou
‘summer flowers’ by nora

Tanya was a little more adventurous with her submission:
I love summer, it’s my favourite season by far, so I was excited by this month’s theme! I tried to capture what summer means to me, not just in the subject of the photos (the beach in the summer time) but also the style. I initially tried to ‘follow the rules’ to get good composition and the right lighting etc…but I failed completely as ultimately I was trying hard to not to fall in the sea! But, maybe that’s the point. I had fun taking these photos and hopefully the haphazard nature captures a part of summer I love – that all plans go out the window when the sun comes out and I grab my paddle board and run to the beach 😊

by tanya

‘how to spent a munich summer evening: at the biergarten’ by jana
‘bees at kew gardens’ by dawn
‘holiday getaway’ by maryam
‘summer bliss’ by maja
‘summer in barcelona’ by vicki

Sam: Summer for me is coming home from work when its still bright sunshine and enjoying a cold refreshing drink in the garden.

‘summer drink’ by sam

‘that summer feeling’ by anja

Juan‘s summer submission tells this story:
When I was a child, I used to live far away from my cousins, uncles and grandparents. For that reason, I was always looking forward to summer, the few weeks of the year when I could enjoy the feeling of having an extended family.
The house in the picture is known in the village as ‘la Casa Nueva’, despite not being so new anymore. It is the house where my grandparents raised my mother and her three siblings. It is also the house that, during my childhood, hosted many games and laughs shared between cousins. And, most importantly, it is the house that hosts my happiest summer memories.

by juan

by romy
by mona
‘two friends – one picture’ by nicole

This is Giorgio‘s story:
About two years ago i went to Manchester because is the hometown of many bands i love. I went to a little bridge a bit outside the city centre to take a photo in the same spot where in the late 70’s Joy Division took the picture of one of their album.
The other day i was strolling around in my city in Sweden and i saw a bridge that looks very similar to that bridge and i decided to take my summer picture there, in a cold day before the rain to start to fall all over me.

‘in a lonely place’ by giorgio

by maz

Val‘s summer memories:
This is a place called “Belchin banya” where I used to go every summer when I was a child. I associate this place with the heat of the summer extinguished by the refreshing mineral water that comes from the Rilla mountain and fills up the pool area.

‘summer memories’ by val

by claire
‘the times they are a changin’ by seba

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