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I little while ago I met a guy online and through the love of photography we instantly had a connection. And just like that I made new friend. Through photography.
In the past, things like that happened to me all the time through flickr or online forums but I hadn’t been active in either of them in ages. So finding someone new to bounce off ideas with, make plans to go shoot together and give each other support, feedback and tipps, is something I didn’t even know I missed.

Since I started my photography business in 2010 I made lots of contact with other (semi)professionals but the conversations we would have quickly became about business, less about the pure joy of taking photos. That helped me loads in the past, but for now I kind of retired my business – or let’s say I put it down for a nap. At the moment I shoot what I enjoy shooting which means my interest in photography-related conversations changed as well. Talking to someone who’s still at the beginning of their photographic journey, reignited my urge to learn and try things. So I started looking for various workshops and reading materials.

I found a blog called ‘dear photograher’, that talks to photographers about their sessions and techniques and let’s photographers tell their stories. And in between you’ll find amazing and inspiring photos. There are loads of blogs and website like that out there.

So I am inspired. I started talking to other photographers more – those I don’t know. I reach out to instagrammers, who’s portfolio I enjoy. And what I get back is this amazing positive attitute that shows me that photography is a great community. I urge you to joing faceboook groups, browse instagram or flickr and talk to people. You never know who you’ll meet. Or where. Let talent inspire you and start to inspire others.

In this project I found so much talent already and I can see how some of the collaborators are growing every month with how they shoot or how they work with a theme in a way that I never expected. I truly believe that personal photography, a project like this or any other project for that matter, helps us to grow as artists.

A photographer I came across recently, called Samatha McBride, said something that reasonated with me a lot.

“Ultimately, […] photography is a craft, there is no end point at which you can say you have arrived. It’s a practice, an inner and outward growing with good days and bad days – achievements and setbacks.”

Even after about 12 years of photography, I’m still on a journey and I’m still learning new things. I’m pretty confident that I got most of the technical stuff down but every now and then I come across something new that challenges me. Or I find a new genre to dive into or a different way of editing my photos. Even if this photography project is not what I planned it to be, it’s challenging me and pushing me in new directions. Let’s keep playing. And learning. And growing.

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