'helsinki colours 1/2' by lou

Summer’s over, autumn’s here. I’m sad about the one but still somehow excited about the other. While clothes are getting thicker to keep us warm, we come across textures, structures and patterns so I thought this could be a fitting theme for the start of autumn.
Obviously patterns and structures don’t only appear in fabrics, they are everywhere. The first thing that came to my mind was actually patterns created by light and shadow. But then again, as a photographer – light is always the first thing I notice. Everything has texture though. Buildings, coffee, food, the sea, a face. Patterns are everywhere, you just need to look close enough.

pattern [ˈpat(ə)n]


  1. a repeated decorative design
  2. a regular and intelligible form or sequence discernible in the way in which something happens or is done
  3. an excellent example for others to follow


  1. decorate with a recurring design
  2. give a regular or intelligible form to

What patterns did the photographers of ’12 months’ come across last month then?

by val
by jana

Giorgio is travelling at the moment and made a stop in Istanbul, where he found his shot:
As soon as I read the September topic I decided that i had to take this picture in Istanbul. It was the first time I visited this city and i fell in love with it. The city of the cities, here it’s possible to find everything, from old vintage shop to posh neighbourhoods, and just crossing a bridge you can be in another continent in less than 5 minutes. People here are loudly and friendly,and they smile even if sometimes it’s easy to see how hard their life is.

by giorgio

Claire‘s photo gives me the creeps, but I see where she’s coming from:
I chose spiders because the pattens they weave in their webs are so beautiful. But also because garden spiders have really beautiful patterns on them…if you get close enough!

by claire

by manja
‘guitar strings’ by nicole
by vicki
by jelena
‘helsinki colours’ by lou
by nora
by anja
by juan

Romy sent this explanation for her photo:
It’s wine season and the pattern of vineyards seemed a good shot for this month’ topic.

by romy

Maz went dark and deep this month:
Beginning of autumn & end of this poor squirrels life. Patterns of life & death.

by maz

‘mirror house’ by maryam

I love donuts so no wonder Nick‘s photo speaks loudly to me:
Severe travel blues have led to finding inspiration from the creativity of my girlfriends baking. Mini donut patterns

‘donuts’ by nick

by maja
by mona

Seba found ‘Lost items on the “Wiesn” Bavarian Beer Festival: popcorn, candy mountain, romeo, stress, happy end.’

‘lost items’ by seba

by robert
‘patterns in the night sky’ by tanya

Dawn sent this description along with her images:
I was stuck for ideas this month, but a rare day off, and a trip to the Tower of London, left me thinking about the marks we leave on our surroundings. Every Castle and Stately Home I’ve ever visited shows the same patterns of wear and tear, and building styles. Worn steps, etched names and tile patterns are so commomn we barely notice them most of the time, but they all reflect the patterns of our daily lives over hundreds of years.

by dawn

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