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'jelly' by dawn

This month I decided to go a different route. I didn’t give a specific topic but let the collaborators decide what they wanted to shoot and show. So November’s theme was an OPEN CALL.

My brief was: “Do whatever you want, shoot what you like. Something you always wanted to try, maybe something you had in mind for a while, hoping I’d give the perfect topic where this idea would fit. Anything is possible.”

There was a little catch though: This time I set the limit to only 1 photo. No exceptions. The image had to either have a title that explains what’s going on or it needed to come with a description to explain the story behind it.

So, let’s see…

Magdalena‘s theme is obvioulsy autumn:
Why I love autumn? There’s nothing like the sound of leaves crinkling and breaking underneath your shoes. It’s a sound and a feeling I don’t think I’ve ever grown tired of, no matter how many times I’ve heard or felt it.
As a photographer, an image like this makes me happy! The light, the richness of autumn colours, the depth of field, the focus, the subject…

by magdalena


‘red’ by louisa

2017 is bringing me plenty of changes and new projects and interests, being instant photography and fatherhood two of them. Needless to say, the project that implies bringing a new life to this world is the most important one. Anyway, this image is a nice way to bring both, fatherhood and instant photography together.

by juan

My image (Anja) was taken during my trip through India:
In Kolkata we booked a homestay as our accommodation. The guy who took care of us took us to ‘the local pub’ down the street for dinner and therw we had probaly the best chai tea out of all the tea on our trip. The process of making chai tea is an art in itself and this boy happily let us photograph him brewing this sweet drink while the locals gathered around us, watching us do our thing.

‘midnight chai’ by anja

Nick was observing:
Since being home it’s been really noticeable how unhappy people seem. I see this particularly when I’m traveling up to London for projects and this guy looked as though he was having a hell of a day by the looks of it. I wonder if being in nature for so long has chilled me out so much that I now notice this more.. It’s a fact nature and breaks are great for the soul. Take a break.

‘have a break’ by nick

Jana has a long story:
An Open Call sounded like a great idea to me – I figured there must be something I could come up with. Well, I did. I went down the “do something you always wanted to try” route – and failed. At first.

I always wanted to try using flashes for photos. Adding external lights to your set up gives you so many possibilities to play around with your subject, the mood, the intensity of your final product. If that doesn’t sound intriguing to you, the what does?
So I went for it – and didn’t get my flashes to fire. As I found out a few hours later it was due to a wrong setting.
So back to square one I was without a picture and the end of the month was approaching fast. What now? Oh, whatever, give it another try, I thought.

There’s this one photoshoot with Dylan O`Brian from a few year back I really wanted to recreate myself from the moment I first saw it. Just to see if I can do it. So after debating with myself if I would even dare to put someone under a not too warm spray (water vapor and electonics aren’t a great combination) and take pictures of them, I decided to just ask for permission to use the facilities of our Crossfit Box (granted), posted a model request in our closed CF group and hoped for the best. And didn’t expect a single raised hand, to be honest.
Well, five (!) interested people later I packed my stuff and just went for it!

The outcome wasn’t exactly as I pictured, which is mostly due to my lack of experience with flashes, but I’m determined to do another photoshoot like that with a female model at some point and also try other shoots using additional lighting. Just because it’s an interesting way to take pictures. 🙂

The photo I went with is, in my opinion, the most intense from the handful of good ones I ended up with. I really like it, so I hope you do to.

The biggest thank you to John for being a patient, engaged, really fun and very soaked volunteer!

by jana


‘atmosphere’ by maz

The last 37 weeks should have been the best time of my life, or at least most expectant mothers would say so. For me, this photo is quite an accurate representation of what’s it been like for me… but I can see the light.

‘sombre’ by vicki


‘the city and the stars’ by val

Nicole‘s story in in German this time:
Da wir November haben; es ein Monat ist, der die Dunkelheit mit sich trägt, gab ich dem Bild etwas Dunkles…
Und dennoch gibt es Licht im Dunklen, Licht,das uns wärmt und was uns durch diese Zeit – und durch andere dunkle Zeiten trägt…

by nicole

Nora – no title and no stor but shot in Japan.

‘untitled’ by nora

Dawn says “I could happily spend hours watch Jellyfish floating around!”

‘jelly’ by dawn

Travelling Giorgio
I always thought that life was unpredictable and it could change from one moment to the other.
In my life these changes haven’t been for the best most of the times,or at least, that is what I was thinking.
But one day I realized that every second of my life, every bad experience and, of course, all the good ones as well, were leading me to the biggest adventure of all my life.
So many new colors were painting my new path, but the combination of pink&blue has been the most important one.
Sometimes what happens has a meaning even if we are not able to see it, for both good things and bad ones.

by giorgio

Jelena sent this caption along with her photo:
I chose this photo after having a really inspiring evening walk on the beach. I love how the light shines through the grass and makes me feel warm, cozy and serene. I hope it will do the same for you guys and will make the darkest time of the year that tiny bit lighter 🙂

by jelena


‘birds view – speedboat racing’ by maja


‘egyptian wonders’ by maryam

Robert – no title no story sadly.

‘untitled’ by robert

One more month and theme to go…

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