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The last topic for this project. We’re literally bringing it ‘home’, which is why I decided to use this as topic number 12.
It’s a personal one. Home doesn’t have to be a place, it can be a feeling too. Or a person. What does home mean to you? A city? Your house? Your family? Your partner? Your pet? Your bedroom?
In an attempt to get a little closer as a group before we part ways again, I wanted us to show each other, what our ‘home’ is.


  1. the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household
  2. an institution for people needing professional care or supervision
‘home’ by lou

This is Giorgio‘s story:
It’s more than one year we don’t have what most of the people call “home”.
We lived a bit in Italy, a bit in Sweden and then we started to travel in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.
We change the place where to put our toothbrush almost every day, we pack and unpack constantly, we are never sure about our internet connection but we are free.
And we are each other’s “home”, always there one for the other.
On board of our little motorbike, the hearts full of beauty and love for our lives.

‘home is where the backpack is’ by giorgio

Romy‘s photo:
Whilst visiting Erfurt after Christmas, I spotted somebody else’s HOME, having an entrance/ exit to the river which fascinated me.

by romy
‘home’ by jelena
‘home is, where great-granny is’ by nicole

Val is still in Bulgaria on his Christmas break and sent this over:
Traditionally in Bulgaria, on Christmas eve the family gathers around the table consisting of an odd number of vegetarian meals (usually 9 or 11) and have the oldest family member brake and give away a bread pastry called “pitka”. Each family member receives a piece of the pastry which contains different lucky tokens called “kasmeti”. All the tokens are different and symbolise what kind of luck the new year will bring you. The most desirable token is the coin which symbolises a rich and fertile year. I received the wheat straw which in old ways means that I will be bringing the food in the house (I do love food, so…). The old traditions mix with the modern ones and after dinner the family gathers around the Christmas tree and see what presents has Santa prepared for them.

‘home for christmas’ by val

Vicki: Home, finally!!! Best new year’s eve ever!

by vicki

For the theme „Home“ I decided to portrait one of my oldest an best Friends.


I visited her in her parantal home, we sit down on her bed with just the light of an old bedside lamp and we startet to talk about the good old times.

I wanted to interpret the word Home with the deep solidarity that connects Laura and me although we are physically disconnected, as we both live in different cities. But when we see each other it’s like we never missed a day.

‘laura’ by seba

Traveller Nick:
It’s a funny feeling not feeling at home when you are actually ‘home’. We got so used to being on the road, exploring the world and making amazing memories that we ended up falling in love with so many different places. We haven’t really felt at home since returning and I think that’s because a little piece of our heart has been left dotted all over the world.

We have big plans for 2018/19 so who knows where we will end up.

‘home is where the heart is’ by nick

Maryam went away and took her photo elsewhere:
A holiday to Paris, that was a much needed home away from home for a while.

by maryam

Nora also went away and found another home:
This is a photo of the beautiful house that we stayed in over Christmas. The family made us feel so at home that it was the highlight of mine and my sisters trip.

by nora
‘home – love, security and protection ‘ by maja

Dawn’s home looks like this:
Every Christmas we have Santas Tiny Home in our Home. Santa, Mrs Santa and a few elves live there, along with an assortment of tiny Reindeer 🙂 It’s weird, but so are we!

‘home’ by dawn

My photo (Anja) shows the place I picked as my home – Brighton. Well, Hove, actually. After not knowing where I belong for a few years, I chose this place. I couldn’t have picked a better one!

‘home’ by anja

They say ‘home is where the heart is’ so… where does my heart belong? Good question. Well, for once it sure still does belong to the home I grew up in in Leipzig Grünau which I go back to every year to celebrate Christmas with my family.
But home is also, and probably most of all, my own place, my castle, my little kindom of one: My flat in the outskirts of Munich. And even though I sometimes think sleep is a waste of precious time, I’d say my bedroom is probably the cosiest room there. Not the one I spend most of my time at, but still the ‘homiest’ one. Because it’s MY HOME.

‘home by jana’
‘home is where the heart is’ by maz

Thanks for playing along this year guys. I know it wasn’t easy to stick to a project for 12 whole months but I’m amazed by the images you all created and by the determination you showed by participating over the year. Thank you! 🙂

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