In 2016 I did a 52 weeks photo project where I took 1 portrait of a person every week. It’s been tough at times but finishing it and sticking to theproject for a whole year gives me a sense of achievement. I didn’t push myself as much as I wanted to but still I was still happy with the outcome in general. During last year and through my the “52 weeks” I found my creative voice again (which had kind of left me in 2015) and I came up with loads of ideas and projects I could do in the future. One of them would be to create a little challenge or collaboration with others – which is the one right here.

The main idea is to learn and grow, to create, to be creative, improve our skills and most of all have fun with photography.

The format will be as follows:

The project will run from January 1st until December 31st 2017.
There is no price to win at the end other than the good feeling of having finished a project that ran throughout a whole year (something people may struggle with).
There will be a photography challenge every month – I will reveal a topic on the 1st and everybody who is taking part has to take a photo that represents this topic. There will be room for interpretation on each topic.
Everybody will have the option to create a series of up to 5 photos that work together as some sort of story or restrict themselves in one way or another (stick to a genre/content/format). However, this is optional.
Whoever misses an assignment can jump back in at the beginning of the next month. Nobody’s going to be punished for missing deadlines. It’s supposed to be fun!
I created a closed facebook group to post images, ask for feedback and just talk about the subjects or bounce off ideas. I want everybody to get the most out of this challenge and since people will work on different skill levels I’d like there to be an exchange of knowledge.
This website shows the final image(s) of every collaborator so the project photos can be shared outside of facebook. I will link to every photo and/or portfolio as provided by the photographer to give credit accordingly.
Every photographer is supposed to create an image (or a series) specifically for the topic given and not use images that have been created in the past or for any other project. The goal is to challenge yourself.

If you’re interested in the collaborators you can find out more about them here.



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