I’m Ady, currently residing in Birmingham and when the company I work for aren’t moving me around the country, you can find me out and about behind a camera taking pictures.

Photography became a hobby for me from around the time I got my first iPhone (4) and downloaded the app hipstamatic. I enjoyed mixing lenses, film’s, and flashes to create pictures that were reminiscent of instax cameras, but without the fuss of developing. However, it wasn’t until a few months later when the little known app Instagram hit the app store, that I got more of a taste for sharing the moments I was capturing with my iPhone with a bigger audience.

Over time I outgrew my iPhone as a means of taking pictures, and decided to opt for upgrading to my first DSLR. One thing that has always kept me going is the community that surrounds Instagram, and while the app has had several makeovers over the years and a new owner, the people using it and who support each other have always remained constant.

For me getting involved in a project like this is a new adventure altogether. I’ve just always taken pictures of the places or things I see, as a way of documenting my life for others to see. I’ve never considered a theme to my pictures, a style, or a set subject. Being involved in “twelve months” will challenge me to rethink what I take pictures of and hopefully spur me on to get more creative with my photography.

Above all, I’m looking forward to coming together with others who share a passion for photography and learn new things, share ideas, and above all challenge myself.

portfolio: Instagram
youtube: drone videos

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