project leader
Heya, I’m Anja. I was born in Germany but moved the UK a couple years ago to a creative hippie bubble called Brighton.

I am a video producer and editor, motion designer, photographer and wannabe blogger. Photography used to be a hobby that grew into a business and at the moment is again more of a way to keep my mind busy without focusing on making a lot of money from it. I like creating things, telling stories through images and I’m lucky to be able to do that in my full-time job (videography and video production) as well as in my spare time (photography).

There’s really not that much more to me. I adapted well to the British culture – like drinking lots of tea and excusing myself for things I didn’t do. I’m pretending to be able to play the ukulele and I sing loud and very off-key when I’m alone in my car. And I love crossfit and how it helped me get a more positive outlook on my body and myself.

I started “twelve months” to bring people together who are interested in photography, want to learn more about it and are committed to stick to a project for a whole year. Let’s see how that goes.

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