My name is Claire and I hail from the South coast of England – originally Portsmouth, but for the past 10 years Brighton has been my home.

I’m a writer and an illustrator. Ever since I could hold a pencil, I have loved to draw. I wrote my first book at the age of 10. Ok, so it was only 37 pages long, but it was a start! For my day job, I have the absolute pleasure of working with Anja, Nora, Tanya, Val and Vicki. I produce written content for our website, building webpages and being a champion for the user experience of our customers.

My favourite things in life are travelling and creating things. I’ve accumulated a lot of hobbies/passions that I adore – writing, reading, drawing, board games, cooking, painting, dressmaking, knitting, film, tattoos, music, acting and of course, photography. Sadly with so many things to love, I find it hard to make time for them all and many get pushed to the sidelines.

Photography is one of those things.

I joined this project because I want to make time for it in my life again. It’s a hobby that I picked up from my dad – he’d been a keen photographer before I was born, with his own darkroom and a hoarder’s worth of cameras. When parents divorced back in 2001, my dad and I were suddenly alone a lot more together. Photography was how we learned to reconnect. He introduced me to my first SLR camera and I have loved the challenge of trying to capture the magic in everyday moments ever since.

My poor DSLR died last year and I haven’t yet replaced it, so I’ll be using my phone as my camera for at least the first few months. I’m looking forward to having a bit of creative focus and to getting to know my fellow collaborators! Thank you Anja for bringing us all together.

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