Hi, I’m Dawn and I’m the wrong side of 40. I’ve had a camera since I was 5 and I finally gave in and switched completely to digital about 5 years ago. A lot of my photos as a kid were of trains and buses, taken while my dad was crossing off their numbers in his spotters book.

I rarely go anywhere without a camera and I often find myself taking a habitual photo of a bus or train. I’m getting used to digital and finally losing all the habits of Medium Format that don’t work for SLR.

I’ve had a wide variety of cameras and an even wider variety of jobs. I currently have an uninteresting minimum wage job that leaves me enough time to do web admin and merchandising for my musician and crafter friends and to indulge my own weird crochet habit. For the last few years I’ve also been gradually scanning all of my old photos and filling up flickr.

I wish I had more money to spend on camera equipment and I desperately need a new tripod as my sisters cat recently knocked mine over and cracked some vital bits.

I’m hoping this project will get me away from buses, trains and flowers and make me look around me a bit more.

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