Born in Guatemala and raised in Italy, my life completely changed at the age of 14 when I listened to the song “Wish fulfillment” by Sonic Youth for the first time. All the emotions, feelings and intensity created by that song, made me understand life was something more than boring routine, a decent job and holidays once a year.

I followed my first love for music and bought a guitar. I learned to play it and joined a band, playing gigs all around Italy. Then I started DJing when Italy turned out to not be a welcoming place for young punk bands.

Whenever I fell in love with a different art, I decided to live it in first person – if it was music I’d learn how to play it, if it was literature I’d start to write.
In 2010 I was hanging out with some photographer friends and I asked them to teach me something about cameras and how to shoot. I immediately enjoyed it and I never stopped shooting since then. But I only started to develop my own ideas and projects once I moved to London.

Photography is only one aspect of my personality and one way to show people how I see this world and all its hidden beauty, possibly matching it with the right tune.

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