So, a little thing about me, huh? Who am I, what do I do… Well, let’s see.

My name is Jana. I’m the middle child of three for 38 years, my younger sister Anja (yes, this one here) is kind of my role model in way more things then I’m ready to admit. I live close to Munich, Germany for longer then I lived in my hometown Leipzig (which is in Germany as well) and I earn my rent and food by making kids of every age happy. Or at least I hope so. Because hey, who doesn’t love LEGO, right?

When I’m not at work I either laze around on my couch reading too much fanfiction, binge watch late 90ies tv shows or swear like a sailor and asking myself why again I decided to take up crossfit while doing push ups and slamming med balls against walls (and get them back in the face. Ha!). Okay, I LOVE it, I have to admit.

The other thing I love is – who would have guessed – photography. Going from drawing during my childhood, to a short look into video editing, Anja got me interested into photography about 10 years ago. Starting with our dads old SLR and actual film, inheriting Anjas first small digital compact camera shortly after, to buying myself my first bridge camera and soon after even my first used DSLR in 2008/09. Since then there was no stopping me anymore.

What I realized over the time is, I don’t think I have a favourite topic to shoot, I don’t even think I want one, because, let’s be real, there are way too many interesting things and moments out there to be captured and frozen in time to limit yourself to just one. At least that’s how I see it.

So I photograph landscapes when I find the money to travel. I tried my hand at concert/music photography once or twice or take people’s portraits when I get the chance. And I combine the passion of photography with my new/found again love for sports by covering the odd event at our crossfit box, friends’ sports tournaments or sometimes even whatever my work place is up to.

And as I am not the person to set goals or keep up things I thought I would like to achieve, Anja thought it’s time for me to try and stick with something for a year and asked me (read: made me) to join her project for 2017.

So here I am, ready to tackle this with you and everyone who stumbles upon our pictures.

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