Hello all 🙂 So happy and excited to be part of this project. I am Jelena from Estonia. I have made Portsmouth my home many years ago and working in Finance keeps me grounded.

Curious and adventurous, I love life and having a great time living. Travelling, photography, dancing and sailing are my passions. Crazy about sunshine and outdoors, I adore and respect equally the ocean and the mountains. Always enjoy learning something new, socialising, having a good laugh and appreciate great minds, creativity and, not to forget, good coffee and dark chocolate ;-D. I am a strong believer in love, integrity, kindness, people and inspired by everything beautiful.

A few years back I discovered that I’m addicted to photography. It’s so magical being able to capture the light and the beauty of the moment, capturing it the way only you, as an individual, see both, and being able to keep a glimpse of it for years to come… There is something absolutely enchanting and captivating about having the ability to do this. Definitely not a professional, but super enthusiastic about taking photos. Shooting mostly landscapes, I would love to learn and get better at other genres and experiment with new styles. Recently, it’s also been hard to find time, so being part of this project means a lot to me and will surely help me to learn, to experiment, to challenge myself, to wonder and to be creative.

Thank you Anja! Im looking forward to the challenges of the themes to come.
And hello 2017.

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