My name is Juan S. Rios and I am from Mataró, a city near Barcelona, Spain. I am 29 at the beginning of this exciting project. By the end of this project I will have turned 30, married one of the other collaborators of this project, had my first baby and submitted my twelve pictures in time (I promise). Does all of this count as New Year’s resolution?

Even though I have quite an analytical job (I work as a Business Analyst for an IT company) I have always tried to keep myself active in my creative side. Writing, playing guitar or drawing are some of my other attempts to do something artistic.

My brother got me into photography a couple of years ago, and what I love about it is that it totally matches another of my biggest passions: travelling. I took pictures of every possible spot of Dublin, the city where I was living before moving to Málaga two years ago. Also, each time I get on an airplane, I make sure my camera travels with me.

I am very excited to take part of this project, as I see it as an opportunity to have fun by learning. The idea of having a different topic to take pictures of every month seems to me like a nice way to take the camera at least once a month and to get out of my comfort zone and experiment with topics I might not have touched otherwise.

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