Hi everyone!
My name is Maryam, I’m Kuwaiti born and raised. I’m still living there, although I did spend a year in London taking my Master’s degree, unfortunately not in Photography or anything super creative or artistic. I’m a research analyst in an authoritative government institution, not exactly creative, but it pays for the bills and my travels!

A little bit of info about me? I used to spend most of my time on the internet, like 24/7, until recently when I joined a gym. That gym had a slogan that said “once you start seeing results, you’ll become addicted.” Thought it was an exaggeration at first, until I saw a pamphlet for an academy that offers Taekwondo classes, needless to say, I’m now addicted. Taekwondo and Yoga. Any fellow amateur yogis here?

I’m here because of my friend Jana (the sister of this project’s leader) who I met online a few years back and unfortunately only got to meet once (hopefully more in the future). I was excited when she first told me about this project since photography has always been a hobby of mine. I do consider myself an amateur photographer, my best camera has got to be my iPhone since it’s with me 24/7, even though I do have a Canon DSLR which I hardly ever use anymore.

Anyways, that’s quite a long introduction. I’m excited for this (I think I’ve said this already) and I cannot wait to be inspired by my fellow collaborators.


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