Hey mates, my name is Seba. I was born at Lake Constance (in the south of Germany) and moved to Munich 10 years ago.
I am a Police Officer and Crossfit Coach who loves to take pictures. I used to be based at an anti-riot unit and was the leader of the “preservation of evidence”-gang. So my daily job had less to do with being a Police Officer and more with being a photographer, cameraman and video editor. Due to work I started taking pictures for myself as well and got more into video editing. Turns out it’s a lot of fun! At the moment I am at the end of a two-year study (cop stuff).

Recently I revised up my Instagram account and started to share photos. Not the “selfie-sport-eatclean-lifestyle”-stuff, just pictures that matter to me. At the moment I am really interested in street photography and read a lot about it. As soon as my final exam is done I will dig deeper into that and will try to shoot the streets of Munich.

I was very excited when Jana introduced me to the project of her sister Anja. That was perfect timing, since I am ready to pay more attention to that beautiful and zen-like hobby again.
I am looking forward to get a lot of inspiration from you folks and share my love for photography with you.

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