My name is Valentin but people call me Val. I was born in a galaxy far far away (Bulgaria), in the tiny but fascinating town of Pernik famous for its coal mines and tough tall citizens who, trust me, nobody wants to mess with. Just ask about my hometown if you visit Bulgaria and you will understand what I mean.

Back in high school (when I finally started understanding the world around me), I had a dream. A dream to explore the rest of the world, to learn about its complicated but fascinating cultural diversity, to see its beautiful variety of flora and fauna, and to meet all kinds of people. I wanted to somehow connect this dream to my other love – the film, tv and video production. And that’s why I landed on the old British island.

I came to the UK almost 6 years ago to study video production and haven’t left since. I studied in the small village of Canterbury (people call it “a city” because of its cathedral but c’mon… it is literally smaller than your back garden…).
After my graduation, I worked as a freelancer producer for an year and then I moved to the quirky and colourful Brighton. I live on the seaside and I just love it. I love the morning breeze, I love the sound of the waves and I love the smell of the seawater. I started windsurfing courses last summer and I plan to continue them this year ^^

Enough about my life! I decided to join the 12 months photo project so I can improve my creative skills and to spend some my free time in an interesting way 🙂 I will also improve my photography skills and definitely my social media skills (which apparently and quite important these days).
I look forward to the challenge ^^

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